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Why Should you trust us to handle your marketing?

Trust the experience.  

Trust the results.

What sets a TV commercial apart from other ones?  

What makes a local TV commercial, and a national TV commercial so different?

The answer is simple:

There’s a huge gap between just “creating a TV commercial” and “creating an effective TV commercial.”  It has to look good, and be properly marketed

to where the target audience will see it.

We go beyond the obvious needs, connect with your audience in as many points as possible.  We remind them of their pain points, 

and then show how your product can help them.  And we meet them in the places they are at – where they spend their time.

Hey guys!

I’m Brandon Kauffman, Owner of Kauffman Design studio.  I’m looking forward to sharing all the exciting things I’ve learned about business, marketing, and the visual arts with you as we look to make your business succeed!  I’ve been involved with starting and running multiple businesses since I was 13, and I’ve also had years of experience in the visual media as well.  I’m passionate about what I do, and love helping people!  Just contact me and we can go over whatever you need done!  


A Passion for Quality

Every person has a story to tell 

whether that’s individually, corporately, or globally.  But not everyone knows how to effectively get their message in front of an audience.

Compelling visual media is the key for successful marketing in our era.  

You have to catch someone’s attention quickly, or they won’t notice you.

Since 2012, I have been creating professional videos, and delved into the realm of effective marketinggraphic designweb designphotographyaerial imaging, and more. 

I’ve used my experience for multi-million dollar companies, all the way down to individuals – and won many awards along the way.

My goal is to take all this experience, and share it with you. To make your brand succeed. To make it grow, and impact many people!

That’s why I started this marketing agency – Kauffman Design Studio. While I still make award winning video content (with Kauffman Brothers Motion Pictures), I knew I needed to find a way to help my clients prosper even more with their digital advertising needs. 

With this new marketing branch, I can tailor make a plan that fits your business, and we can begin to reach your goals!

Just let me know where you would like to see your business over the next year, or 5 years, and we can begin working our way towards it with a clear direction in mind!


Daniel Craig

I’ve been working with [Kauffman Design Studio] for coming up on a year now, and we have been tremendously helped by their services. We’ve received great value from them through timely assistance on a variety of projects – from website assistance to video editing.

You know that refreshing experience when things just “go well”? That’s what we’ve experienced with Kauffman Design Studio!

Daniel Craig-Marketing Director, Generations

Israel Wayne

In 2017, I hired [Kauffman Design Studio] to produce a promo video for our company…. They did a great job.

They were professional, courteous and understood our goals and helped us to achieve them. I had made some creative suggestions, and Brandon countered with what he thought would be a better approach. I trusted his expertise and he was definitely right.

His concepts were exactly what we needed to make our video effective.

If you want to work with someone who is both skilled and conscientious, I’d recommend connecting with [Kauffman Design Studio].

Israel Wayne-Conference Speaker

Jeff Cochran

Brandon is a hardworking and trustworthy digital media professional.

From my over twenty years of teaching experience in the field (including time as adjunct instructor for post secondary film/video editing courses), I can say that Brandon’s work is outstanding.

I’ve had the opportunity to tutor Brandon a few times through the years, and commend him for his willingness to receive instruction and feedback to grow as an editor.

I highly recommend Brandon Kauffman for your next video editing project.

Jeff Cochran-Digital Media/Technology Professor

Randy Marks

[Kauffman Design Studio] delivered an excellent introductory video for our Credit Union.

I appreciated the service we received and the video exceeded my expectations. This company is easy to work with, they were attentive to our input and worked hard to achieve our desired results.

I would definitely use them again.

Randy Marks-President, MECE Credit Union


with both Small and

Multi-Million Dollar companies

Professional experience with both Small                    and Multi-Million Dollar companies

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