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Years of Award Winning Video Production for companies all over the USA and Canada

About Our Studio

It all started as a couple of kids with the family camcorder, a slow computer, and some aspirations and dreams. A couple years later, in 2012, we finally started our professional film and design company.
Since that time, we have had experience over a wide range of filmmaking projects – including client story videos, short films, promotional media, commercials, music videos, and more.
Our film company has won many awards in national and international contests. We have worked for multi-million dollar companies, and created promotional material for smaller companies and non-profits as well. 
Check out what others have to say about us, and let us help you “Showcase Your Message!”

Our Specialties

We have had experience with all aspects of film production, and work with you to craft your perfect story.  Contact us for any project you may have.  Here are our specialties:

– Cinematography

– Video Editing

-Color Correction


– Directing

Cinematic & Heartwarming Shots

We capture the emotion of your story. Whether it be through cinematography, acting, or special effects. We are here to make your dreams a reality.

Stunning Aerial Imagery

Not only do we shoot in 4K video on the ground, we also shoot that in the sky as well. Couple that with smooth and complex aerial shots, and you have a masterpiece.

Amazing Color Correction

It’s amazing what a little color correction will do. You can go from an average shot, to the extraordinary!

Effective Interviews

A good interview is key to making your video successful. Client story videos are super effective for amazing word of mouth marketing! We interview your client, you, and showcase the job you are talking about for a powerful presentation on your website, at meetings, and more!

We Travel – All Types of Projects

From Music Videos to Narrative Films to Video Commercials, Client Stories, and Promotional Media, we have you covered.  Travelling long distances doesn’t scare us away from creating cinematic masterpieces.

We love to make your dreams come to life on the screen, and impact your audience!

- Brandon Kauffman, Owner

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